Bikes from INTEC – exactly your bike

Steel frames – timeless and comfortable

With discreet tube diameters and the “natural” damping properties of steel, we build timeless, comfortable and durable bicycles! The chrome-molybdenum steel used for the Double Butted tubes, often also known as CrMo or Chromoly, offers the best technical properties and ourbicycle frames are also absolutely competitive when it comes to weight. All frames are phosphated in Germany for corrosion protection and then powder-coated twice with high-quality polyester powder. Depending on the model, we offer our frames in different frame heights.

We color up your bike

With their sparkling colours our INTEC bikes stand out everywhere!
Our frames can be painted in a rich range of RAL colours, with matt, glossy finish or a metallic effect. To achieve these effects we collaborate with well-known experts specialized in powder coating. The paint, which is in the form of fine particles, is applied to the frame tubes using the “electrostatic painting” technique, so defined because the powder paint particles are nebulized and positively electrostatically charged on the frame, which in turn has been negatively charged: the negative charge attracts the paint like a magnet.

Unlike conventional painting techniques, which can leave some corners uncovered, this fabulous electroplating technique allows us to coat the frame with a 100% covering resin film.

Your design – according to your wishes

INTEC frames can be decorated with the INTEC logo on the head tube and the writing on the down tube.
Do you want to finish your frame with a custom lettering or a unique logo? No problem! We use high-performance, scratch-resistant, transparent adhesive films for this. Got any further ideas to customize your frame? We are happy to help! The INTEC logo above the bottom bracket shell is always placed, no matter if INTEC decor or own decor.
INTEC emblem on headtube
color: black or silver
INTEC lettering downtube
color: black or silver

Our label is placed above the
bottom bracket
on every INTEC frame
Color: black or silver

You want to add an emblem and/or a logo to your frame? No problem for us! Your decor can be applied before coating with clear varnish. Many color and font combinations are possible.