27 RADONAUT of Cyclus Tools ® makes professional measuring and truing with the highest accuracy possible. Existing height and side dents will be iden- tified and electronically evaluated. It will be clear, which effort is needed to have the wheel trued. The measuring result can be printed as protocol and handed out to the customer. The protocol is considered to be a kind of certificate, containing information about the curent state of the wheel, the target accuracy and expected working costs. All data will be stored in the machine and can be used again, for example for upcoming reclamations. The DMS1.0 is smple operated by touchsreen. No special skills are required for the operation of the machine. While you manually center the wheel, a quick feedback will be permanently given on the screen. Really a gain for the workshop. DIGITAL WHEEL MEASURING SYSTEM measuring of height and side dents and manual wheel truing function suited for 24" - 29" wheels without tires code 720350 Truing accessories on page 29. Info applied for utility model protection - measuring with 0,05 mm tolerance - identification of possible dents in the rim - verification of rim centering or its assymetry with regard to the hub - adjustable truing accuracy 0,1 - 3,5 mm - possibility to print the measuring result protocol (print/digital) - cost calculation for work needed to true a wheel (cost rate can be adjusted in password protected area) - control of work time of different operators - live feedback helps at work - simple operation by touchscreen - electromechanic roll sensors - automatic adjustment of wheel center - quality control TENSIONAUT-D tensiometer for digital measurement of spoke tension with RADONAUT Art.-Nr. 720352 TENSIONAUT-A tensiometer for analog measurement of spoke tension with RADONAUT Art.-Nr. 720351 Certificated quality for each wheel RADONAUT Wheel